My Vent about Going Green

My SO says, if the rich-elite really want to save the planet,
they should Lead by Example! They just fear that one day,
all of their luxury living-by exploitation of people and resources
will come to an End. Have you noticed that after all these years
of recycling cans, the price of soda keeps going up?!
Now for those who might ask/or say,
“You STILL need to do someting!” Well, even though I value
(understand) my SO point of view/opinion, I AM unplugging
kitchen appliances, shutting off all of my lights in rooms not
being used, and I have a medium canvass tote bag for small-med.
purchases {helps save on both paper & plastic bags}. For the last
two years, I’ve kept my own mug at my work desk.
 I saved 7 paper cups each week by using my own large mug.
As far as going completely Organic
{Going Green} it seems to be another upper middle class – rich
luxury I can’t afford.


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