The Cult Test Part One:

1. The Guru is always right.                                                                                         

    No – We are not always right.

2. You are always wrong.                                                                                          

 No – members can be right or wrong.

3. No Exit.                                                                                                          

  Yes, you can come and go as you please.

4. No Graduates.                                                                                                   

     Learning is a continuous process but there will be others more advanced than I am.

5. Cult-speak.                                                                                                      

  Not fully developed at this time, but all groups/friends have their own words, right?

6. Group-think.                                                                                                 

        Members are required to think for themselves.

7. Irrationality.                                                                                                          

         No – we are rational.

8. Suspension of disbelief.                                                                                 

  Disbelief is your right, for if you are wrong, you learn from your mistakes.

9. Denigration of competing sects, cults, religions.                                             

       No, not concerned with what other groups do as long as they don’t attack us.

10. Personal attacks on critics.                                                                              

   Not noticed enough to have critics.

11. Insistence that the cult is THE ONLY WAY.                                                     

 Nope, if we don’t fit into your lifestyle/culture, then go your own way.

12. The cult and its members are special.                                                              

  No, we are the same matter as the rest.

13. Induction of guilt and the use of guilt to manipulate cult members.            

  No guilt-trips here.

14. Dogma, Unquestionable Dogma, and Sacred Science.                            

Question everything, do research. See questions 4, 6, and 8 answers.

     15. Indoctrination of members.
      Yeah, check out my website.

16. Appeals to “holy” or “wise” authorities.
It’s up to us to become wise authorities.

17. Instant Community.
Maybe later, but for now we are an online community.

18. Instant Intimacy.
No, we are intimate only with our mate. 

19. Surrender To The Cult.
 We don’t ask that you hand over your property.

20. Giggly wonderfulness and starry-eyed faith.
People are happy, but not strung-out.

21. Personal testimonies of earlier converts.
If loving yourself changed your life for good, we’d love to hear about it.

22. The cult is self-absorbed.
No. Not us!

23. Dual Purposes.
No. The Agenda is to live your life!

24. Aggressive Recruiting.
We aren’t aggressive enough.

25. Deceptive Recruiting.
Being you is not a deception.


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