Quotes by Univesal Members

A few of the statements by our members when they were asked, Why are you: An Agnostic, Atheist, Freethinker, Heretic, Humanist, Infidel, Non-Theist, Rationalist, Skeptic, Unbeliever,….

“Because I was tired of lying to myself.” -Raven

“No mother {or father/guardian} should  put an outdated dogmatic religion over the mind of their child.” -Bobbi 

“By 2003, I was beginning to see, that dogmatic religion was not good for me.” -Bobbi

“I get to keep my 10% and sleep in on Sundays.” -Tracy

“I refuse to let others judge me knowing they don’t believe either, they just pretend to believe to feel better about themselves.”                -Ethan 

“Once the bricks of religion were removed from my neck, a huge burden was lifted from me!” -Raven

“Why would a creator God care how I dress, what I eat,  what music I listen to, and who I have sex with?” -Tracy

“A cup of coffee, and a bookstore is my church. I never have to pay to be read the SAME chapter of ONE book over, and over, and over again!” -Raven


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