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Getting Tired

Hello? Is anyone out there? 

Well, I know it’s been a long time since I made a new post, or even showed another link to a freethinker’s site/video/blog, but I have been busy just being me! *Whew!*

It is not easy living in secret, and yes there are a bunch of freethinkers who will say “Hey! Come out of the closet!” Well, it is NOT that EASY for everyone to do that. 

It would be nice if some multi-billionaire Atheist help support freethinkers with financial aid/jobs/housing, but until that happens some freethinkers will stay quiet, in a closet somewhere while depending on “Fundy-Theist” for financial support: This includes, but not limited to jobs, housing, college tuition, etc.

I am proud of those who are able to debate, say out loud they are Atheist and proud! Your blogs and videos are NOT in vain. Even though members of my group as well as myself cannot afford to say we are Freethinkers/Humanist/Rationalists/Agnostics, we may very well be the ones to increase the % of Non-Religious people on the next Census. 

I am so happy to be a freethinker. I love spending my Sundays @home watching the ball game in my underwear with a nice cold drink instead of dressing up, listening to someone tell me “if you don’t live this way, you will burn in hell for eternity.” 

I want to leave this quote from Mr. Williams, “If God doesn’t like me, let God tell me, Not You!” 


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Site of the Month: Freedom From Religion Foundation

Site of the Month: Freedom From Religion Foundation

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