U.T.C.S. is NOT

 To avoid confusion and misconceptions, here is a list of things that the U.T.C.S. is not:
Not a Religion – This is a way of life, or a lifestyle. You don’t have to
go to a particular place and dress up to impress others. We use the word ‘religion’ on our site for others who only identify lifestyles/beliefs as such.
No Salvation – If you want to get saved, go to a church that offers that service. In the U.T.C.S. we are already saved for we are children of the Universe, and when we die, we go back to the source. 
No Rituals – We don’t sacrifice virgins or children. We don’t baptize anyone. We don’t speak in tongues. Unless you actually studied another
language, please speak so that we can communicate to each other.
No Dogma – We have no “holy book” that contains any list of things that
 you are expected to believe in. You are not required to accept anything
 on “faith.” We have guidelines, but they are not set in stone.
Not Racially Superior – We don’t look down on the rest of the world.  We are not superior to you, and you are not superior to us. We have no intention to dominate, violate, control, or eliminate other ethnic groups.
We are not a Cult – We are strongly individualistic, and less than ten in
numbers at the time of this writing. We don’t control your life.
We are people who think for themselves. We are not followers. The founder does not take pictures, or even speak about gender importance. The founder does not want “followers” to “worship” the flesh (the founder), but continue to grow on their own path, even if that means leaving the UTCS behind and going elsewhere.
We are not Political – Whether you vote or not is clearly up to you. We
are not a group based on politics. Voting is not a requirement in the U.T.C.S.

We are not Fake, Haters, Gangsters, or Homophobic – we do not believe in beating up and/or killing a person because they are gay.

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